I haven't had words to share. Well, not pleasant ones.

My mind has been stuck. And my heart, even more. Very. As in, very, very.

Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.” (Matthew 11:28-30 NLT)

He is Rest.

For the weary, tired, stuck soul. For the hurting, dry, what-seems-like-dead heart. 

May this truth encourage you. We know it's true. 

May He bring this truth to reality. 

Today, LORD!


He's My Steady

I've been in a bit of a swirl lately. Caught up in crazy.

And when I'm in a swirl, I can't think clearly. Or write. Or hope.

It seems like a lot of what's around me has changed. Is changing. Literally, today.

The thing is, everything we can see changes. Shifts. Morphs. Grows. Shrinks. And it's easy to get caught up in that crazy. To focus on those changing, shifting, morphing, growing, shrinking things. Because those are the things that make up our days, weeks, months, years.

And I got very swirly in all that crazy.

But His grace hovered in the midst of painful, confusing, noisy, hurtful, sad swirliness.


He is Gracious. 

All that swirly-ness served a purpose. To show me what happens when I live a life focused on what's around me. For people, their opinions and preferences, my job, my health, my body - what happens when I let all that define me, determine my okay-ness, dictate my responses. All caught up in crazy, for sure.

I sought Him, but the swirly-crazy was so loud, I couldn't hear. 

But He didn't give up on me hearing His voice. 

He is Persistent Love.

And it came clear. Still.

He said it Himself, "I am the Lord, and I do not change." Malachi 3:6

And there it is. 

He is Steady.

Somehow it makes sense in a way it hasn't before. He is my steady, in a world of swirly-crazy. And until I get that, like, really focus on that, deep in places where I'm swirly, I'll be caught up, distracted and, well...lost.

My stability is not found in my brain. Or my past. Or my marriage. Or anyone's mood (especially not mine). Or my job. Or the size of my body. Or what you think of what I write (or don't write). 

My stability is found in Christ. He never changes, shifts, morphs, grows or shrinks. Rest in that, Little Birds.

He is Christ. My stability. 

Praise His name that He never changes. Jesus Christ is the same (literally, "himself"), yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). Amen!



Maybe someone needs this today. Do you? 

Maybe you think no one sees you.

He is El Roi. The God Who sees.

Maybe you think you're ordinary, nothing special.

He is Creator. The One Who spoke you into being, and crafted you by hand. 
His mighty hand.


You are loved. By the God Who makes all things new. All things. New. 



In Our Place

It's different this year, for me. Good Friday. 

'Cuz it's also my birthday.

In a very real sense, I feel the weight of His death. On that cross. It should have been me up there.

But it wasn't me. It was Him. In my place. 

He is Jesus. Savior. My Savior.

He knew, before any of my family took their first breath. He knew He'd take that cross for me. And for you.

He knew I'd need Him to. 

He is the Perfect Sacrifice. For sinners. For me. For you.

He was there when the world was created. He breathed, and it was!

He was there when Eve ate the apple, bringing pride and selfishness into the world.

He was there when God asked for someone willing to take the blame for sin.  
Our blame.

He was there when they mocked Him as King. Spit on Him. Tortured Him till death.  
On our behalf.

Did I mention, He is Perfect? As in, pure, lovely, without fault. 

He is Perfect Love. 

Perfect Love died on the cross, to take on the burden of sin, for you and for me.  Jesus in our place.

He is Life.

His death (and resurrection) brings life. Eternal life. Perfect, eternal life with Him forever.

He is Everything. 

May today be the day you choose life. Choose to put down your own, imperfect life.

Choose to believe that He died for your imperfections, just like He died for mine.

Choose to accept Him as your Savior. You need saving. (I did, too).

Choose to believe that He hung, and died, on that cross. In your place.

And choose to believe that His rising from the dead gives you life, too.

Today, may we share the same birthday. Mine, physical. Yours, spiritual.

If you want to learn more, visit www.TheDayJesusDied.com 

Will someone, please, praise His Perfect, Loving name!



So, this is how I've been feeling. Which is why I can't write.

Dry. Smooshed. Surrounded by things that used to be alive.

I kind of had a melt down. Well, not kind of. 

At the last minute, decided to take a day off and just breathe, move a little bit. Outside.

Minding my own business, it appeared out of nowhere, and speaks sweet things to my soul.

He Speaks.

And, like a child, I stopped in wonder. And squealed. Outloud. People pointed and stared. But I didn't care.   

The most beautiful, vibrant, happy little flowers. Just here. Nowhere else.

And instantly, I smile. Just that fast. 

Because I know what He's saying. And it's precious to me. To my dry, brittle, worn out heart.  

He is Comforting Creator.

He can turn anything around. Anything. And I need to believe that.

He is Sovereign.

He determines when and where He will bring life into a dry, brittle place. 

He is Trustworthy.

And His light will shine where it will shine. He will make beauty.

So, there is always hope. Always, in Him.

Praise His name.



Today is an important day for me.

It's a day I'm stepping out of the safety of the current and into the unknown.

And there is a profound, last-minute obstacle.

So, I'm saying it to Him (and you). In advance.

He is Faithful.

That doesn't mean it'll all turn out okay.
It means that even if it doesn't turn out okay, He's faithful.

It's true.

He is Always. Faithful.

It's the same for your day, too. Believe it for yourself.

Someone, praise His Name!


Because He Says So

They were physically exhausted, mentally tapped, emotionally frustrated. 

Then He showed up. And told them to go deeper.

And I love what happened next. Simon said, "we worked hard all night and didn't catch a thing. But if you say so, I'll let the nets down again."

And they caught enough fish to tear their nets wide open.  Love that!

He is Trustworthy.

Think about what happened there.

Jesus told them to go deeper. After they worked all night doing what they thought was best. What they thought was deep. But He told them to go deeper. He knows what's best.

He is Wise.

He points us to depth. He knows we don't get results with anything superficial. He sees us working hard, but not getting anywhere - our efforts to control the surface, to keep things together, to work relationships to our advantage, to avoid root issues, thinking we don't need Him, trying to hide our sin. Whatever it is.

He calls us deeper than that.

He meets our needs in the deep. Our real needs. Not the distracting needs that we think are deep. He knows and meets the real ones - and He knows that solutions and healing come in the deep of Himself.

And sometimes, that's hard to understand. I mean, how does Jesus meet my deep needs?

Even Simon shows a bit of that question in his response. He says, in so many words, "um...yeah...we just had our nets in the water. Like, all night long. And we caught nothing. Trying again doesn't make any sense...but, if You say so..."

And there it is. Surrender. Letting go of what we think we know. Trusting Him. Believing Him. Letting Him run the show. Putting our effort into the deep.

I can relate. I've had several things in my life recently that aren't making sense. Things I've caused, tried to influence or fix, dreams I'm trying to pursue, things I'm trying to avoid.

And I know He's calling me deeper. But I didn't want to go there. Deep is scary. Remember that movie, The Abyss? Yeah. No thanks. 

But over several weeks and months, I became like Simon. And I surrendered to what didn't make sense. ...but if you say so, LORD...

He is Right. 

I walked deep into relationships that needed to be healed, uncomfortable conversations that needed to be had (another one today!). I did what He asked me to, or walked into what He brought to me, even though it didn't make sense, didn't seem fair, and certainly wasn't what I wanted or was prepared to do.

Right now, I'm walking into the depths of a job search I didn't want. A scary, kind of exciting, but intimidating process. He's calling me to step out, address deep fears and insecurities, trust Him, and go places I'd normally not go.

And you know what? He's changing me. Slowly. Dare I say, healing and growing me.  
In deep places.

He is always Working.

He's calling us into the deep. He's calling you into the deep. Because He knows that there is blessing, provision, wisdom, growth, trust, love, and healing in those places.

What is it for you? Where does He want you to go deeper? Where does He want you to just surrender, and say...but if You say so, I will...?

Trust Him. Put yourself into the deep. Surrender to do it His way, for His will, by His call.
And get ready for your nets to burst. 'Cuz they will.